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Our Mission is to live out Christ's love by providing the best home health services for our community

.​Our Vision is to create a Christ-centered community that delivers excellent care and allows us to serve our community and live out our faith.

Mission. Vision.


In 2013, a group of health care professionals felt God's call to create a Christ-centered home health agency by delivering the best care to our community, and growing each other.  From this foundation, Grace Community seeks to sustainably impact the world through support of local and multinational outreach.

Today, we realize our vision through our care of one another, our patients, and their families.  We're honored to partner with local organizations providing volunteer disaster relief services and rescue services, housing, and vocational training for victims of human trafficking. Our support extends to workers across the globe.

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Organizations We Support
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Prayers and Postings
Prayers and Postings
Organizations We Support
Prayers and Postings
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News and Events

"every generation brings something important and every generation can lead"

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Global Leadership Summit 2023

Our team had an amazing time at the Global Leadership Summit 2023!

Click the logo to find out more about next year's event!

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